One of the Okanagan's top young culinary talents, Executive Chef Ben Pallett, is ready to lead Kitchen Sync Catering's team into the valleys blossoming food scene. Chef Pallett's fine dining experience and culinary education coupled with his 'farm-to-table' mandate transpires onto each plate he creates.

In his early years his father introduced him to the garden, his mother introduced him to the kitchen. Working his way through dishes and textbooks he graduated from culinary arts and restaurant management while working in some of Alberta's top restaurants. Since being in the Okanagan, Chef Pallett has worked as the sous-chef for Quail's Gate's Old Vines Restaurant and head catering chef of Waterfront Wine's Details Catering under Chef Roger Sleiman and Chef Mark Filatow, respectively.

'Simplicity is the hardest to achieve' says Chef Pallett believing that a lot of modern cuisine is unnecessarily complicated. 'Also, it saddens me that so many lose the connection of where their food comes from and therefore lose respect for the ingredients and the work that went behind it.'

When not in the kitchen Ben can be found with his new family, in the garden or foraging, fishing and hunting. He is excited to have Kitchen Sync Catering be part of the local food scene here and wants to help propagate the ethical, regional culinary trend that is emerging